Ning Hao’s "Mr. Red Carpet" was turned on, and Andy Lau performed the "Red Carpet" of an outdated star

1905 movie network news On February 22, the comedy film "Mr. Red Carpet", directed and starring, held a launch ceremony in Shenzhen. Director Ning Hao, starring Andy Lau, and actors, actresses,, and Zhou Wei attended together.

Therefore, Ning Hao and Andy Lau, who became attached, finally cooperated for the first time in the movie. Andy Lau shouted excitedly: "Finally waiting for you!" Director Ning Hao also said: "It’s time for us to play!"

It is reported that the film tells the comedy story of Hong Kong’s aging star working with mainland directors in order to "turn red" and will be released nationwide in 2023.

Andy Lau

The movie "Mr. Red Carpet" tells the story of Liu Weichi, an aging star played by Andy Lau, who collaborates with a major director to make a comeback. He goes deep into the countryside to experience life, but his arrogance triggers a series of endless farce. Ultimately, he has an epiphany that being sincere is the most precious quality, and his life has been transformed and restored to beauty.

Celebrities come to the countryside to experience life, such a farce makes people laugh just thinking about it. And Andy Lau plays an outdated Hong Kong star, such a contrast setting is even more exciting, and it also fills the expectations of the film’s comedy properties.

At the launch ceremony, the lead actor Andy Lau said: "After waiting for so many years, we finally waited. I hope we can make a good show!" Director Ning Hao also borrowed the good fortune of the launch to cheer for the whole crew: "Today is a once-in-a-lifetime good day, February 22, 2022, so many good things come in pairs, it’s time for us to play!"

In 2006, the director Ning Hao received 3 million funding from Mr. Lau’s "Asian Rising Star Directing Project" to shoot "The Dark Horse" and "Crazy Stone", and created the film style of "black comedy", which made a sensation that crazy summer. For years, audiences have been hoping that Director Ning Hao and Andy Lau can work together on a film to satisfy audiences’ wishes.

Sixteen years later, "Mr. Red Carpet" was finally born, and the collaboration between the two big names was highly anticipated. At the same time, it also made everyone speculate, what kind of comedy is this? What kind of sparks will the two top figures in the field of directing and acting collide? The final "laugh" is expected.

This week, Jackie Chan and Wong Kar Wai meet to compete on the same day. Who will win?

1905 movie network feature andThe battle is not over yet, the week is over. This week, a total of nine new films were released, but the focus was on these two films, that isandWhich of these nine new films can I watch? How much are these two focus works worth looking forward to? Xiaodian helps you filter

"The Flying Tiger."

Director: Ding Sheng

Starring: Jackie Chan/Huang Zitao/Wang Kai/Wang Continental/Sang Ping/Wu Yonglun

Release Date: 2016-12-23

Duration: 123 minutes

Director Ding Sheng’s most well-known work in recent years was last year’s work. Whether it was the wonderful performance of supporting actor Wang Qianyuan or the inner impulse to eat dumplings after watching it, it was impressive. This year, Director Ding Sheng rushed into the New Year’s Eve stall with his new work and partnered with a group of big coffee.

After that, Jackie Chan, who worked with Ding Sheng three times, and Huang Zitao, Wang Kai and Wang Continental, who worked together for the first time, formed a folk anti-Japanese guerrilla team. They were all railway workers at Zaozhuang Railway Station on Jinpu Railway. Jackie Chan was the captain Ma Yuan, the foreman of the porters. They worked in the day and came out to fight the devils at night. The common people gave them a name called the Railway Flying Tigers.

The posters released so far in this film are all very beautiful, and the characters in the play are also very talkative. Several new actors and Xiao Xianrou have shown a funny side.

And for Jackie Chan, who was very desperate to film, this time it was still the same. He led the Flying Tigers in the Northeast at minus 20 degrees, on a 100-ton train head, completing various forms including skateboard train scraping, slide train scraping, and other extreme movements such as train jumping.

The film also did a lot of things, except for releasing a poster of the longest, longest and longest in history(The poster is too long, click here to view it.)In addition, there will also be scenes of a train crash in the movie.

They also used actors to create more than 80 memes, which can be used directly. (However, the release date is not the 30th in the picture, but the 23rd~)

The Ferryman.

Director and Screenwriter: Zhang Jiajia

Producer: Wong Kar-wai

Starring: Tony Leung/Takeshi Kancheng/Eason Chan/Angelababy/Zhang Rongrong…

Release Date: 2016-12-23

Duration: 128 minutes

Wong Kar-wai, who has been making a play for many years, has not released a new film, but has released a film he supervised, "The Ferryman".

The director of this play is the screenwriter Zhang Jiajia. "Passing Through Your World" has been released on National Day, and the story integrity of the script is not good. The problem of lines not speaking human words has been seen. This time, he not only wrote but also directed "Ferryman". Zhang Jiajia’s goodnight heart language lines will still appear in such an atmosphere, which is amazing. What kind of atmosphere? Let’s see what Takeshi Kancheng said:

Of course, Tony Leung and Takeshi Kancheng can be seen enjoying the performance of comedy when filming this drama. They have also transformed from the melancholy male gods of these years to the early Hong Kong-style comedies. They are funny and desperate.

However, it has to be said that these few words of Takeshi Kancheng are the same as what we feel when we see the trailer. I didn’t expect "Ferryman" to be a comedy. In the trailer that has been exposed so far, only a few lines are from Tony Leung, Takeshi Kancheng, Angelababy, Zhang Rongrong, Xiong Dailin, Jia Ling, Liu Yan. Other places are basically based on the narration of Tony Leung and Takeshi Kancheng.

These casts are very mixed, except for Tony Leung and Takeshi Kancheng, as well as Anglebaby, whose acting skills have been criticized, Dapeng, who has just given a wonderful performance in China, comedians Jia Ling and Cui Zhijia, as well as popular singers Li Yuchun, Little Fresh Meat Luhan, High Cold Muse Rhododendron and so on.

The film’s story is simple. Adapted from Zhang Jiajia’s novel, Tony Leung’s Chen Mo and Takeshi Kancheng’s Guan Chun open a bar and act as ferrymen, who can rescue people who come for help from their pain and bring them happiness and warmth. The nature of the story sounds very similar to another film, helping people solve difficulties and fulfill their wishes.

Of course, there is no shortage of emotional stories in "Ferryman". The current CPs are: Tony Leung and Du Juan, Takeshi Kancheng and Zhang Rongrong, Eason Chan and Angelababy.

"The world is like a book, I prefer your sentence, I would like to be a comma and stay at your feet. But you have your own reader, and I am just a ferryman." This is from Zhang Jiajia’s novel, let’s see if this sentence will become a narration or a line.

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B-class pure electric car, one of the most competitive flagship products in the market, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened pre-sale

  On the evening of December 16, the first mainstream pure electric sedan "Geely Galaxy E8" based on the SEA architecture officially opened for pre-sale at the 2023 Geely Automobile User Conference. The new car launched a total of 5 versions (550km Pro, 550km MAX, 665km Starship, Voyage Edition, 665km Starship, Smart Driving Edition, 620km Starship, Performance Edition), with a pre-sale price of 188,000 yuan. The new car will be officially launched and delivered in January 2024.

One of the most competitive flagship products of the B-class pure electric car, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale _fororder_image001

  The Geely Galaxy E8 was launched on October 30 this year. It is based on the SEA vast architecture and is the first intelligent pure electric flagship sedan of the Geely Galaxy series. It is also Geely’s first product based on the SEA architecture. It has a first-mover advantage in the three-electric system, vehicle control experience, and body safety framework.

  The Galaxy E8 adopts the new design language of "Ripple of Light", and is equipped with the world’s first mass-produced integrated luminous front face, which is highly recognizable. The interior is equipped with a 45-inch ultra-wide screen and a new generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 flagship cockpit chips. It integrates the latest technology and is a masterpiece of Geely Technology’s car manufacturing.

One of the most competitive flagship products of the B-class pure electric car, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale _fororder_image002

  The Geely Galaxy E8 inherits the brand’s unique "ripple aesthetics" and innovates a new "ripple of light" design language. It has a very cool rhythmic grille and is also the world’s first mass-produced integrated luminous front face. The grille has a luminous matrix composed of 158 windows, with a luminous area of 0.105m. It not only inherits Geely’s classic ripple symbol design, but also jumps out of the homogenization route of electric vehicle design, creating a new paradigm of intelligent electric vehicle design in China.

One of the most competitive flagship products of the B-class pure electric car, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale _fororder_image003

  The attitude of the Geely Galaxy E8 is close to that of a coupe model, and the roof line is very smooth. At the same time, thanks to the streamlined body, external AGS active air intake grille, low wind resistance closed pneumatic wheel rim and other 25 low wind resistance designs in the whole car, the Geely Galaxy E8 wind resistance coefficient is only 0.199Cd. The length, width and height of the Geely Galaxy E8 are 5010/1920/1465mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2925mm. The through-type tail light group of the Geely Galaxy E8 has rich lamp cavity lines, and visually forms a signal linkage with the high-mounted brake lights, thus creating a good visual effect and recognition. In addition, the exaggerated diffuser and ducktail design at the tail enhance the sports atmosphere, while effectively reducing the rear turbulence, reducing the wind resistance by 10counts, and improving the battery life.

One of the most competitive flagship products of the B-class pure electric car, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale _fororder_image004

  Geely Galaxy E8 is inspired by the four seasons and characteristic scenery of West Lake, and has launched six body colors, including: Begonia powder (Quyuan wind lotus), smoke gray (double peaks insert clouds), autumn apricot yellow (thunder peak sunset), Zhiqiuhong (Huagang viewing fish), first snow silver (lake mirror first snow), willow frost white (Su Di winter pen), providing consumers with a richer choice.

One of the most competitive flagship products of the B-class pure electric car, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale _fororder_image005

  Geely Galaxy E8 is equipped with a 45-inch 8K screen, with an effective display area size of 1130mm * 138mm, a 7.5mm border, a screen ratio of 98%, and a thickness of 9.8mm. The screen pixel is 7680 × 936, achieving a quasi-retina-level 8K pixel density. When the vehicle is in P gear, this large screen also supports direct connection of mobile phones or handles to play games. Geely Galaxy E8 is equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 flagship cockpit chips and a new car system. It adopts a 5nm process, and the AI computing power reaches 30TOPS. Compared with 8155 (7nm) GPU, the overall performance is improved by 2 times and the 3D rendering performance is improved by 3 times. The Geely Galaxy E8 is equipped with a round double-spoke steering wheel and a half-spoke steering wheel (optional) for consumers to choose from, and has integrated knobs in the control area under the center console. 

  Geely Galaxy E8 is equipped with a 4D zero-pressure cloud seat, which supports 12-way electric adjustment of the main driver seat/electric waist support + 4-way electric adjustment of the passenger seat + ventilation and heating of the main/passenger seat + memory welcome of the main/passenger seat, providing a rich riding experience. In addition, the passenger seat is laid at an angle of 180 °, supports one-click automatic leveling, and can be connected with the rear seat cushion.

One of the most competitive flagship products of the B-class pure electric car, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale _fororder_image006

  Geely Galaxy E8 is equipped with: front door electronic unlocking, 50W mobile phone wireless charging, 25.6-inch AR-HUD head-up display, HARMAN INFINITY sound system + headrest audio, intelligent air conditioner, FACE ID facial recognition, OMS entertainment camera, electric rear tailgate, 256-color intelligent chasing ambient light, rear seat ventilation and heating and other functions.

One of the most competitive flagship products of the B-class pure electric car, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale _fororder_image007

One of the most competitive flagship products of the B-class pure electric car, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale _fororder_image008

  Geely Galaxy E8 two-wheel drive (rear drive) model has a motor power of 200kW and a torque of 343Nm; the four-wheel drive model has a motor power of 475kW (165kW + 310kW) and a torque of 710Nm; in addition, the power battery pack of the vehicle adopts a new generation of silicon carbide electronic control technology, and the cruising range can be increased by 5-10% compared with the previous generation. According to official data, the 0-100km/h acceleration time of Geely Galaxy E8 two-wheel drive (rear drive) model is 5.95s, and the 0-100km/h acceleration time of four-wheel drive model is 3.49s. The maximum speed can reach 210km/h.

One of the most competitive flagship products of the B-class pure electric car, Geely Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale _fororder_image009

  Geely Galaxy E8 is officially defined by Geely Automobile as "China’s new generation of pure electric flagship". With a new generation of flagship architecture, a new generation of flagship cockpit, a new generation of flagship driving control, a new generation of flagship safety, a new generation of flagship design and other leapfrog hardcore strength, Geely Galaxy E8 is expected to become one of the most competitive flagship products in the current B-class pure electric cars. (Source: Geely Galaxy)

Precision Forging Technology was investigated by 7 organizations: the company started mass production in Q1, 2023 for the supporting business (domestic+export) of Volvo’s second-generation new energy

  () The Record Form of Investor Relations Activities was released on March 7, and the company was investigated by seven institutions on February 22, 2023, with institutions of other types, fund companies and securities companies.

  The main contents of investor relations activities are introduced:

  Q: Review of operation in 2022.

  A: In 2022, the company’s overall revenue increased by 27%, mainly due to the supporting business of new energy vehicles and the export market business, of which the supporting business of new energy vehicles accounted for about 22% in 2022, the export market business accounted for about 33% in 2022, and the export growth rate was over 30%.

  Q: Expectation in 2023

  A: In 2023, the company is expected to achieve an overall revenue growth of 30%. It is estimated that domestic revenue and export revenue will basically keep pace with growth, and the proportion of new energy revenue is expected to reach more than 30%.

  Q: What are the incremental plates in 2023?

  A: In 2023, the main increase will be in supporting the business segment and export business segment for new energy vehicles. Traditional fuel vehicles will enter the batch production with new localization projects, which will also contribute to some growth.

  Q: The ratio of fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles in exports.

  A: In the export business in 2022, the business income supporting fuel vehicles will account for 80%+, and the proportion of new energy income in the export business in 2023 will increase year-on-year.

  Q: The specific gravity of differential assembly products.

  A: In 2022, the differential assembly revenue will account for about 17% of the total revenue, and the target in 2023 will be more than 25%.

  Q: Major customers of agricultural machinery sector.

  A: The main customer of agricultural machinery is John Deere.

  Q: Long-term planning by product and business.

  A: New energy vehicles: differential gears, differential assemblies, main reduction gears and motor shafts.

  The target is that in 2025, the revenue from supporting new energy vehicles will account for more than 50%. Lightweight field: air-conditioning compressor scroll, chassis system forgings, thermal management system forgings, etc., target chassis system forgings, thermal management system forgings, etc. began to contribute revenue in 2024.

  Q: Matching situation of major customers in North America.

  A: The company’s domestic market support for major customers in North America has basically reached expectations. In the near future, it will arrange a team to visit its European factory to meet the supply issues.

  Q: Volvo’s new energy project

  A: The company started mass production for Volvo’s second-generation new energy vehicle supporting business (domestic+export) in Q1, 2023. Its next-generation new energy vehicle differential assembly and motor shaft are under negotiation and are progressing smoothly.

  Q: BYD project

  A: The company mainly supports differential gears for (). BYD has four platforms of differential business. The company has been supporting differential gears for the platform with the largest output, and the gears for the other three platforms have also been developed and are currently being tested and verified.

  Q: The business of well-known technology companies in China.

  A: The company has been developing differential assemblies for its different platforms, and plans to start mass production in 2024.

  Q: Geely Automobile’s business:

  A: The company has been supporting motor shafts for Geely in batches. In addition, the differential assembly business has obtained the fixed point of its new project, and the assembly is currently being tested and verified.

  Q: New Power Customer Business

  A: Major new car-making customers, such as Ai ‘an, Weilai, Ideality, Tucki, Lingpao and Nezha, have cooperated with them. The main supporting products are differential gears and differential assemblies.

  Q: Main gear reduction business

  A: At present, the production capacity of the project is already under construction, and the target customers are also docking. The goal is to contribute revenue in 2024.

  Q: Plans to build factories overseas

  A: In 2022, the company’s export accounted for 33%, of which North America accounted for about one third of the export. Considering the factors such as tariffs, market competition and expansion, and customer requirements, the company will start the overseas factory building planning in Asia, Europe and North America in real time, and will announce the actual progress in time.

  Q: What is the impact of changes in raw material prices?

  A: The company and most customers have a mechanism for adjusting the fluctuation of material prices, and the impact of changes in raw material prices on costs is relatively controllable;

  The main business of Jiangsu Pacific Precision Forging Technology Co., Ltd. is bevel gear of automobile differential, combined gear of automobile transmission, shaft parts of automobile transmission, EDL (electronic differential system gear), synchronizer gear ring, clutch drive hub parts, parking gear, motor shaft and differential assembly for new energy vehicles, and gears for high-end agricultural machinery. The company’s main products are divided into bevel gears and combined teeth.

  Details of participating institutions are as follows:

Name of participating unit Category of participating units Name of participants Harvest fund Fund company Yang juncheng Yongying fund Fund company Wang Jiawei Recursive fund Fund company Yu liangtao Golden Eagle Fund Fund company Wu Haifeng Yin Hua Fund Fund company zhang yinuo Open source securities securities company Zhu Jingyi Dongzheng asset management other Chen Siyuan

BYD, give me back my gearbox! Tang DM-p was upgraded reversely, which disappointed the old car owners.

At 8 o’clock on the evening of June 9, the long-awaited Tang DM-p finally officially appeared for pre-sale, with a pure battery life of 215 kilometers, a super intelligent electric four-wheel drive, an acceleration of 4.3 seconds at zero, and a fuel consumption of 6.5L per 100 kilometers, which is a performance benchmark of this level. Perhaps my expectations are too high. As the first generation of Tang car owners, I am slightly disappointed with the new Tang DM-p, and even think it is a compromise between technology and market.

Dynasty series is BYD’s pioneering work. Since the first generation of Qin and Tang Dynasties, it has established its position as a leader in new energy vehicles. In particular, the 542 strategy, Tang Zhanfanbang, eclipsed the joint venture car at the same level! Zero acceleration of 4.9 seconds, full-time electric four-wheel drive, in the 200,000-class SUV, Tang Yi rides the dust! Even under a million, there are few opponents. Since then, BYD has gained the first batch of fans, and I am one of them.

The first batch of Tang car owners, the pride of domestic cars was rooted in their bones. At that time, the 2015 Tang didn’t even have a small BSG motor, and it was said to be an oil tiger, but I could drive it below 6L (the road conditions were smooth), and even went to
get away
) specific fuel consumption. The running-in between people and cars has reached such a level as an armband, an automatic transmission car, and I can even control the engine rpm through mode switching and throttle depth, just like manual transmission.

In 18 years, the second generation of Tang Dynasty went on the market, and started the family design of Longyan, upgraded the BSG small motor, and the zero-hundred-speed acceleration was also improved to 4.5 seconds, which can be said to be a brand-new look from the inside out. At that time, the president of Volkswagen even came to Wan Li for a test drive, so that he was caught speeding and made a wave of advertisements for BYD for free.

Perhaps the starting point of Tang is too high. This time, Tang DM-p did evolve and upgrade in some places, but it also lost something. The prospective car owner may be happy, but for an old car owner like me, he is slightly disappointed. Tang DM-p still hasn’t evolved to the perfect appearance in my heart, and there are some grooves, so I really can’t spit it out.

First, what about the gearbox?

DM-i doesn’t need it, because it focuses on economy and fuel economy. Han DM-p can also use no gearbox, and the passability of the car determines that it can only take pavement. But as an SUV with main performance,Represents poetry and the distant Tang DynastyI think the gearbox is necessary.

EHS electric hybrid system can be more fuel-efficient and smooth, and the super intelligent electric four-wheel drive is realized by three-in-one rear electric drive, and its stability and difficulty relief are not inferior to the previous version. When using the gearbox, it is inevitable that there will be a sense of shifting, which will reduce the driving experience and increase fuel consumption. However, the gearbox has two advantages that ECVT can’t compare. The first isThe engine can be involved in the full speed range., the power bonus is higher. The second isOil and electricity systems are independent of each other, which can form double insurance..

ECVT (including all the existing DHT in 2nd and 3rd gears) has no starting gear, so once the battery, motor and circuit system fail, the engine cannot drive the vehicle alone. And the hybrid gearbox, such as the old Tang and Han DM, can run on pure oil, at the very least, the safety is more secure, and it will not squat halfway. It is more reliable when you drive long distances, even when you cross long distances.

Second, upgrade 2.0T to 1.5T?

Compared with the 2021 Tang DM, the power of Tang DM-p has not been significantly improved, and the official announcement is 4.3 seconds faster than the actual measurement. However, the old Tang DM was realized by 2.0T engine+dual motors with total power of 394kW, while the new Tang DM-p was realized by 1.5T engine+dual motors with total power of 480kW.

We don’t blow black, the displacement is small, the fuel consumption will inevitably decrease, and on this basis, the performance has not weakened, which can be regarded as an improvement. The old Tang DM lost 7.5L of electricity and fuel consumption, while the new one was reduced to 6.5L..

In addition, the thermal efficiency of the new 1.5T Xiaoyun engine is more than 40%, and the noise and vibration are obviously better than the old 2.0T If the new and old models are compared, the new NVH must be far superior to the old ones. Although I have not measured this, I can tell from the technical details.

However, it is 1.5T after all. In order to make the power reach the previous high standard, the motor power has to be increased, and in order to maintain the output of the motor, the battery has to be increased. So this is the Tang DM-p with a battery life of 215Km. butDon DM-p, in my mind, it should be 2.0T!

2.0T high thermal efficiency engine, BYD487ZQD, the thermal efficiency is actually not too high, 39% is enough, and the soul of Tang is not fuel-efficient. I think the fuel consumption of 7.5L is acceptable, because if it can be charged at home, it will still be driven by pure electricity most of the time. My old Tang needs 9L for electricity consumption, but I also have to worry about the expiration of gasoline. For most people, 80Km pure battery life is enough.

Third, don DM-p is still

BYD’s marketing level is a long story. before
The four-wheel drive version is called Song PLUS DM-i AWD, which is the same as adding a rear motor on the basis of the EHS hybrid of DM-i. And when I got to Han,
In addition, the rear motor realizes four-wheel drive, because the pure battery life is longer, it is called DM-P. Is there any rule for this naming? Who can tell me what is the difference between DM-i AWD and DM-p? Is the motor more powerful?

In fact, according to the classification defined by BYD itself, the current DM-p of Tang and Han should be called DM-i AWD. Because DM-p is defined as the ultimate performance, regardless of fuel consumption, it should be a 2.0T engine+a hybrid special gearbox with a starting gear (which can be an advanced version of DCT). On this basis, plus a large motor and a large battery necessary for a large motor, it should not be a problem to have a pure battery life of 200Km and a break of 4 seconds.

As a car, the solution of DM-i AWD (cash DM-p) is indeed better than the solution with gearbox. However, as an SUV, I still think that a gearbox is needed to add a heavy insurance to poetry and the distance.

In fact, from the change of naming, we can also see the internal entanglement of BYD. If the technical scheme of early DM-p was determined, there would not be such a freak as AWD on Song Plus DM-I. Maybe just call it
DM-P. I guess, when Song PLUS DM-i AWD was released, BYD didn’t deny that DM-p had a gearbox, and finally, for various reasons, it had to compromise with the market.

Fourth, high-cost solutions cut off the possibility of low prices.

Why does Tang DM-p need 215Km pure battery life? In fact, for most families, the average mileage of a year is 10,000 kilometers, and the average is only about 30Km kilometers per day. Therefore, it is enough to travel in the urban area with pure electricity for 80Km. Even if you run a little farther occasionally, the mileage of pure electricity is not enough. It is nothing more than using some oil. The long battery life is meaningless. But why do the pure battery life of Tang and Han DM-p exceed 200Km?

Because this is necessary for large motors, the battery pack must be large enough to support the voltage required for high power output of large motors! And the cost of the battery is real money, so the price of this generation of Tang Han is much more expensive than the previous generation. You can say it’s worth the money, but it’s not friendly to some friends with insufficient budget.

Fifth, the strength comparison of Tang DM-p products.

The above spit is mainly because I don’t agree with BYD’s technical route, butAs far as Tang DM-p is concerned, the improvement is still huge.. Even if it sells for more than 300 thousand, its product strength at this price is still the strongest, and the only thing that can compete with it is only.
DHT PHEV, plus 2021 Tang DM, we put the three cars together to compare the product strength.

1. compare mocha DHT PHEV:Mocha There are only two configurations of PHEV, one is the 252Km distinguished model equivalent to Tang DM-i, which has no advantage in price and battery life. The fast charge is only 60W, and it takes one hour to charge the battery to 80%. The advantage is that the power is better than that of Tang DM-i 252Km, which is 7.4 seconds, and Bitang DM-i’s performance of 8.5 seconds is more than one second faster. Compared with the two-drive version, it is obvious that the newly released Tang DM-i 252 honor is more worth buying.

The four-wheel drive version, which corresponds to Tang DM-p, is slightly inferior in power, but the gap between 4.8 seconds and 4.3 seconds does not make much sense for home use. Tang DM-p has longer battery life and stronger fast charge. The specific configuration is basically the same horizontal line, while Tang DM-p has a wide temperature range heat pump air conditioner, which has obvious advantages in winter endurance.

In addition, Mocha has five seats, while Tang provided seven-seat and six-seat versions.

Previously, my evaluation of Moka DHT PHEV was before the release of Tang DM-p, and it was 300,000 SUV with the highest cost performance, and there was no one. Sure enough, after the release of Tang DM-p, the most cost-effective 300,000 SUV was taken away.

2. Compare 21 Tang DM models.The price ranges of the two cars do not overlap, so they do not constitute direct competition. Tang DM has only two advantages. The first is its low price. Although it is a product of the previous generation, its performance is not weak. The second is that the oil and electricity systems are independent of each other, which is equivalent to double insurance. However, in other respects, it is definitely a penny for a penny. The pure battery life of Tang DM-p is 215Km. You may not need it, but the money is spent in place, and the surplus is better than nothing. Moreover, the power is insufficient and the fuel consumption is much lower than that of the same class fuel vehicle.

In addition, the biggest improvement is assisted driving. In the past, Tang DM’s assisted driving was only L2 level on the passing line, and the top models only had parallel auxiliary function. The new Tang DM-p has reached the level of quasi-L3, ACC adaptive cruise supports stop-and-go mode, forward and backward travel tips, blind spot monitoring, active lane keeping system, automatic parking in the whole scene … and the safety has also increased by one level.

The second is fast charging. Previously, the most popular voice of old riders was the fast charging function. For Tang DM with 80Km battery life, fast charging is of little significance, because no matter how fast it is filled, it can only run 80Km. However, for the pure battery life of 215Km, it is worthwhile to charge 80% in 20 minutes. 200Km requires 13L of oil. If it can be recharged, it can save more than 100 yuan of oil money.

Sixth, Tang DM-p, DM-i, DM and EV purchase suggestions.

1. It is recommended not to be obsessed with SUV. If it is only for urban transportation, I recommend Han DM-p more. The budget is more than 280 thousand,
More fragrant.

2, there is no demand for four-wheel drive, home to buy Tang DM-i 112Km battery life version, starting at 202,800, cheap is the last word! 112Km pure battery life is enough for most families. The long battery life of 252Km is 80 thousand expensive, which is highly recommended! If you have that budget, you might as well buy DM-P.

3. I want to buy a car after retirement in go on road trip, and I recommend 21 models of Tang DM on the grounds of double insurance. If you have enough budget and don’t go to too remote places, you can also choose Tang DM-p with fast charging, and the cost of comprehensive vehicles is lower.

4. Do not travel far, meet the needs of family cars,
Since you don’t travel far and drive in the city, the two drives will be enough. Unless you are in a northern city, you need to deal with icy roads. The battery life depends on your travel radius. There is no difference between 730Km and 500Km for a pure tram, only the difference between sufficient and insufficient.Make sure you don’t plan to drive long distances. EV smells better than DM-i and DM-p, although it is more expensive..

5. Tang DM-p configuration suggestionsPersonally, the most cost-effective one is the middle-equipped exclusive type, which has a lot more active safety configuration and comfort configuration than the low-equipped one, and can be equipped with a six-seat enjoyment combination suit, with a 2+2+2 seat layout for 10,000 yuan, and the second row of seats can be upgraded with ventilation, heating, massage and lumbar support, which is very cost-effective. Low matching is not recommended, and the loss of 20 thousand yuan difference is too much. The top matching mainly adds an active suspension, and supports full-scene automatic parking, Brembo brake calipers and differential locks. Of course, the budget is sufficient, but the cost performance is not higher than that of the middle matching model.

Write it at the endIn fact, Tang DM has basically reached the ultimate performance of family cars in the previous generation, so that it is difficult for the new model to achieve any substantive breakthrough. Moreover, although Tang is the flagship model of the dynasty family, it is not the top in BYD’s product system, the legendary high-end brand (starry sky? It is getting closer and closer to us, whether it is spit or disappointment, it must still be admitted that Tang DM-p is a 300,000-level SUV with the strongest product strength. Even if there is only a small step forward, it is also breaking through yourself.

Add some color to low-key security Volvo S40 static experience

  [car home Experience] If you know anything about cars, when you hear the brand Volvo, what words will flash in your mind for the first time? Safe? Northern Europe? Keep a low profile? Taste? No matter what word crosses your eyes, I believe it will not be a description of sports, fashion and fashion. Yes, Volvo has always been a brand famous for its commitment to automobile safety technology. It comes from Sweden in northern Europe, but now it belongs to Ford, and its impression has always been low-key, unobtrusive and not so eye-catching. However, today’s red Volvo S40 may break your old impression.

  Note: The model we experienced this time is Volvo S40 2.4i Zia version, which may be different from other models in terms of color, parameters and configuration.

Appearance-at first glance, it is better to look carefully.

  S40 is a compact model, which comes from Ford C1 platform. As many people know, the products of this platform include Focus and Mazda 3. The other two models are well-known for their manipulation and sports, and they are all the rage among young people. What about S40?

  At first glance, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is a red S40. This is not because I am a woman, so I like red, but because although almost all models will have red without exception, not all cars can look good in red. And I like the red color of this Volvo S40 very much, maybe it just fits my age and aesthetics.

Home of the car

  At first glance, the front of S40 is straight and restrained, with simple lines, not very streamlined and round, and not very tough and masculine. The chrome-plated upper intake is not as exaggerated as the popular "big mouth", and the logo of "VOLVO" stands calmly in the middle, as if it is lacking. But just like the "second-eye beauty", after a few more eyes, you can find S40’s character from various details.

Home of the car

 Home of the car Home of the car

Home of the car Home of the car

Home of the car

  Two headlights with black edges are as bright and angry as the eyes of a "gourd doll", and the flat and ultra-wide lower air intake is slightly fierce. The most characteristic angle is from the front side. The headlights with black edges, the wide and flat lower grille with black, and the powerful engine compartment line are quoted to Fang Ping’s front face, which has a fierce lion’s head effect.

  The joints between the hood and headlights are even and detailed, and there are no obvious defects. The welding spots on the side of the door are symmetrically distributed, and the treatment effect is also fine.

Home of the car

  From the side, it can be found that the engine cabin line passes through the A-pillar all the way to the rear, which outlines a high waistline and dynamic shape, and directly intersects with the arc of the roof at the rear of the car, making the ending a little more movement and dexterity besides being angular and heavy.

Home of the car

Home of the car Home of the car

Home of the car Home of the car

  S40’s tail line is straight, and the two stepped taillights create a sense of integrity with angular edges, which is also surrounded by a circle of black borders. Because there are no tiny lines and no excessive intersections and overlaps, the whole tail shape is quite simple, and the broad protrusions make the layers distinct. If the plump and rounded hip design of the car please men, perhaps the style like S40 can win the love of female consumers.

Home of the car

  Generally speaking, the appearance of Volvo S40 left me with a unique impression. It is angular but not too straightforward, with personality but not very ostentatious, passionate but restrained, impulsive but secretly hidden.

Interior-pure black interior+suspended center console

  This red S40 2.4i Zia version is matched with a pure black interior, instead of gray or beige, which is always used in household models. The visual effect brought by the black interior is first of all a cool and sporty feeling, which is easy to arouse people’s desire to drive and control, unlike the light gray or beige interior, which will make people relax and bring a soothing and fresh feeling. From this perspective, S40 still takes more care of the individual needs of young consumers.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The steering wheel wrapped in leather is moderate in size, and the fineness and friction of leather are also very close. The multi-function keys on the left side of the steering wheel are used to operate cruise control, while the right side controls entertainment information, such as radio and CD.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The style of the dashboard is Volvo’s simple style, which looks only clear and easy to identify during the day, but the effect of luminous is still quite beautiful.

  S40 has a well-known bright spot, that is, its floating center console. In recent years, with the popularity of various digital products such as thin and light mobile phones, I believe that this beautiful and lightweight center console made of matt metal panels can bring many young people a sense of satisfaction with fashion and scientific and technological effects.

Home of the car

  There are four large knobs on the center console, which are used to control the audio and air conditioning, and the buttons are relatively small. From the perspective of the fineness of workmanship, we can’t help but draw a conclusion that we get what we pay for. Although the models developed on the same platform, it is obvious that Volvo S40’s internal material selection and workmanship level are far better than those of Fox and Mazda 3.

Home of the car

  The keyhole is designed at the lower left of the air-conditioning outlet above the center console. The multi-function display screen has a relatively small area and displays conventional information such as air conditioning, sound and time. What is unsatisfactory is that the information display is actually in English. However, the adjustment of air-conditioning blowing mode is to separate a portrait to indicate that the style is more intuitive and novel.

Home of the car

  The exterior rearview mirror can be adjusted electrically. If you want to fold it away, you need to press the L and R keys at the same time. The shape of the handbrake is also unique, and it also has a floating effect.

Home of the car

  The cosmetic mirror on the sun visor is believed to be very popular with ladies. Both sides of the mirror are equipped with lighting, which makes the light sufficient and uniform, and the area of the mirror is also large, which is not as big as a matchbox on some models, and its practicality is still relatively high.

Space-not bad for a compact car.

  The body size of Volvo S40 is 4476×1770×1454mm, which is smaller in length, width and height than sedan Focus’s 4480×1840×1500mm, but the wheelbase of 2640mm is the same as that of Focus and Mazda 3. In the actual experience, we also feel that its internal space is still good.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Although S40 takes simplicity as its concept, there is no shortage of humanized design in the interior space, which is quite considerate. In addition to the conventional glove box, the storage compartment inside the car and the storage bag at the back of the front seat, there are elastic small storage bags at the front edges of the front and rear seats. Although the volume of the glove box is not very large, it is equipped with anti-skid pads to prevent the goods in the box from rolling and causing damage when the vehicle is driving.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In order not to waste space, a shallow storage compartment is set behind the suspended center console, but only some flat items can be placed, otherwise it will shake when driving. The biggest disadvantage is that the storage compartment inside the door is small and there is no special glasses case.

  Although the S40 looks like a four-door hatchback, in fact, its short tail is not integrated, the trunk is still opened separately, and the floor in the trunk is flat and the area is not small.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the electric adjustment function mentioned above, the front passenger’s seat can also be tilted forward, and with the rear seat that can be tilted 4 minutes on the right side, it can create an access road for carrying extra-long strip items, which is unique and valuable in design. Unfortunately, after our efforts, because the front headrest can’t be adjusted, the front passenger seat is adjusted to the rearmost position, and the headrest will still be stuck in the glove box after the chair back is put down, and it can’t be completely flat.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of driving space, we found a male editor with a height of 178CM and a weight of 75KG to demonstrate, and found that the front head space of S40 is quite abundant, and the performance of the rear leg space is OK, but the head space in the rear row is slightly cramped. If it is a tall man with a height of more than 180CM, it may feel a little oppressive. After all, it is only a compact car, and objectively speaking, the space performance is normal, reasonable and better.

Seat-lumbar adjustment is influenced by the height of the seat, which is more suitable for women.

  The driver’s seat and the driver’s seat are all electric 8-way adjustment and manual lumbar support adjustment. The driver’s seat has three sets of memory functions. As mentioned earlier, the driving space of S40 is not bad, but it must be mentioned that the length of the seat cushion is sacrificed to a certain extent. After our actual measurement, the depth of the front and rear cushions is 480mm, which is shorter than that of the front seats of general compact cars. Although the shape of the seat is very good, it is very suitable for women to ride, but if it is changed to men, the front edge of the seat cushion is designed as a sofa-like edge, which will just be supported in the middle of the thigh, and it feels very uncomfortable.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The adjustment knobs of manual lumbar support are located on both sides of the seat. If the driver or passenger is male, the seat will not be adjusted too high, and this knob will be sandwiched between the seat and the central armrest, which is extremely inconvenient to operate. However, if the driver or passenger is female, the seat will be adjusted to ensure sufficient sight. At this time, the adjustment of the lumbar support is relatively convenient, and the operation of turning around and twisting the arm is also more difficult for the fatter person.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  S40’s leather seat leather is good, which makes people feel comfortable. I believe Volvo, which has always advocated car safety, has also spent a lot of thought on the seat design. The front headrest is fixed and cannot be adjusted, but the height and angle are ideal, which can suit the riding posture of most people. The height of the rear headrest can be adjusted vertically, and it can also be pulled out and removed.


  The 2.4-liter naturally aspirated engine is in-line with 5 cylinders, and it is matched with a five-speed manual/automatic geartronic gearbox, which has an adaptive speed change mode, can automatically adapt to the driver’s driving style, and has a good stable output.

Home of the car

  The maximum power of 2.4i engine appears at 6000rpm, and it can also provide up to 170 horsepower. At 4400 rpm, the output torque reaches 230Nm. Such data will not be too laborious to push a body like S40.

Home of the car

  When the engine compartment cover of S40 is opened, it is found that besides the normal sound insulation cotton, there is also an air duct leading from the air inlet to the battery. It seems that it should be used to cool the battery, but we don’t understand why it is designed like this for the time being. Later, we will contact Volvo to consult about the purpose of this design and give you a definite answer.

  There are as many as 8 airbags in the whole vehicle, which can automatically control the inflation ratio and explosion speed according to the impact force, thus avoiding the secondary injury caused by airbags. WHIPS head and neck safety protection system can automatically lift the headrest when a high-speed rear-end collision occurs, and disperse the huge impact force generated during the collision to reduce the damage to the head, neck and spine of the occupants.

  In addition, in order to reserve enough impact buffer zone, VOLVO not only greatly reduced the load of the self-designed miniaturized transverse engine, but also adopted a more compact engine compartment layout, and even the collapse route of the battery was arranged in advance during the collision, so it can minimize the damage to the occupants in the car during the collision.

  Conclusion:In fact, the price of Volvo S40 far exceeds that of ordinary compact cars, which makes it not a family car that most ordinary families can afford. However, through this static experience, we can see that Volvo not only insists on the safety concept advocated, but also makes some adjustments in vehicle design. At least S40 can make people feel its fashion and modernity from the outside to the inside. From the aspects of exterior and interior, technical content, safety performance and configuration, S40 is suitable for those friends who have unique tastes and do not blindly pursue large size and large space and earn a good income.

  After watching the static experience of Volvo S40, you must want to know more about its handling performance in actual driving. Don’t argue, the evaluation article of S40 will be presented by the evaluation team of car home this Thursday. Be sure to watch it on time! (Text, map/photo by car home Hu Yongping/Wang Kugong Liang Wei)

  Parameter Configuration Table of Volvo S40 Parts

Model picture
Basic parameter S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Model name: S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Quotation: 308,000 288,000 358,000
Brand: Changan Volvo Changan Volvo Changan Volvo
Level: small family car small family car small family car
Engine: 2.4L 170 HP L5 2.4L 170 HP L5 2.5L 220 HP L5
Gearbox: 5-speed manual integration 5-speed manual integration 5-speed manual integration
Length× width× height: 4476×1770×1454 4476×1770×1454 4476×1770×1454
Body structure: 4-door 5-seat sedan 4-door 5-seat sedan 4-door 5-seat sedan
bodywork S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Length: 4476 4476 4476
Width: 1770 1770 1770
Height: 1454 1454 1454
Car weight: 1486 1486 1500
Wheelbase: 2640 2640 2640
Front track (mm): 1535 1535 1535
Rear track (mm): 1531 1531 1531
Minimum ground clearance (mm):
Body structure: Sedan Sedan Sedan
Number of cars: four four four
Number of seats: five five five
Tank volume (l): 62 62 62
Trunk volume (l): 404 404 404
engine S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Displacement (cc): 2435 2435 2521
Displacement (l): 2.4 2.4 2.5
Working mode: Natural inspiration Natural inspiration turbocharge
Cylinder arrangement type: L L L
Number of cylinders (units): five five five
Number of valves per cylinder (units): four four four
Compression ratio: 10.3 10.3 nine
Valve structure: DOHC DOHC DOHC
Cylinder diameter: 83 83 83
Stroke: 90 90 93.2
Horsepower (hp): 170 170 220
Maximum power (kW): 125 125 162
Maximum power speed (rpm): 6000 6000 5000
Maximum torque (n m): 230 230 320
Maximum torque speed (rpm): 4400 4400 1500-4800
Engine specific technology:
Fuel: petrol petrol petrol
Fuel label: No.97 No.97 No.97
Oil supply mode: multipoint injection multipoint injection multipoint injection
Cylinder material: aluminium (Al) aluminium (Al) aluminium (Al)
Cylinder head material: aluminium (Al) aluminium (Al) aluminium (Al)
Environmental standards: Ou IV Ou IV Ou IV
Oil capacity (l):
gearbox S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Name: 5-speed manual integration 5-speed manual integration 5-speed manual integration
Number of gears: five five five
Gearbox type: AT AT AT
Chassis steering S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Driving mode: Precursor Precursor Precursor
Front suspension type: mcphersonindependent suspension mcphersonindependent suspension mcphersonindependent suspension
Rear suspension type: Multi-link independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension
Type of assistance: Mechanical hydraulic power Mechanical hydraulic power Mechanical hydraulic power
Wheel braking S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Front brake type: Dish type Dish type Dish type
Rear brake type: Dish type Dish type Dish type
Former tyre size: 205/55R16 205/55R16 205/50 R15
After tyre size: 205/55R16 205/55R16 205/50 R17
Front wheel rim specifications: 6.5JX16 6.5JX16 7JX17
Rear wheel rim specifications: 6.5JX16 6.5JX16 7JX17
Spare tire: Non-Full-Size Non-Full-Size Non-Full-Size

Safety equipment S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Driver’s seat airbag:
Co-pilot airbag:
Front head airbag (air curtain):
Rear head airbag (air curtain):
Front side airbag:
Rear side airbag:
Knee airbag:
Electronic anti-theft:
Central locking in the car:
Remote control key:
Keyless start system:
Control configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
ABS anti-lock braking:
Brake force distribution (EBD):
Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC/ATC):
Brake assist (EBA/BAS):
Body stability control (ESP/DSC/VSC):
Lifting (air) suspension:
Tire pressure monitoring device:
Continue driving with zero tire pressure:
Power steering with speed:
Active steering system:
External configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Manual sunroof:
Electric sunroof:
Panoramic skylight:
Same color rearview mirror:
Same color rubbing strip:
Sports version surround:
Aluminum alloy wheel hub:
Internal configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Leather steering wheel:
Left foot rest pedal:
Steering wheel up and down adjustment:
Steering wheel fore and aft adjustment:
Multifunctional steering wheel:
Steering wheel shifting:
Constant speed cruise:
Parking aid:
Multifunctional display:
HUD head-up digital display:
Seat configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Leather seats:
Sports seat:
Seat height adjustment:
Lumbar support adjustment:
Electric adjustment of front seats:
Power seat memory:
Seat heating:
Front seat center armrest:
Sit back on the central armrest:
Front cup holder:
Rear cup holder:
Seat massage/ventilation:
The rear seat is laid down as a whole:
Rear seats are laid down in proportion:
Multimedia configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
GPS navigation system:
Multimedia control system:
Bluetooth system:
Car TV:
Car phone:
Center console LCD screen:
Rear LCD:
MP3 support:
Single CD:
Multi-disc CD converter:
Single DVD:
Multi-disc DVD system:
2-3 Speaker system:
4-5 Speaker system:
6-7 Speaker system:
Loudspeaker system with more than 8 speakers:
Lighting configuration S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Xenon headlights:
Automatic headlights:
Turn headlights:
Front fog lamp:
Rear fog lamp:
Headlight height adjustable:
Headlight cleaning device:
Glass/rearview mirror S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Front power window:
Rear power window:
Anti-pinch function:
Electric rearview mirror:
Mirror heating:
Electric folding of rearview mirror:
Manual rear sunshade:
Electric rear sunshade:
Mirror anti-glare:
Rear side sunshade:
Sunvisor vanity mirror:
Induction wiper:
Air conditioner/refrigerator S40 2.4i Zia Edition S40 2.4i Zhishang Edition S40 2.5 T5
Manual air conditioning:
Automatic air conditioning:
Rear seat air outlet:
Temperature zone control:
In-vehicle air conditioning:
Car refrigerator:

Porsche IPO market value exceeds Ferrari, who can seize the market opportunity in the new super-running era?

On September 29th, Porsche was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany. On the same day, Porsche’s share price fell from the intraday high of 86.76 euros to the issue price and closed at 82.5 euros. On the first day of listing, the market value of Porsche was about 75.43 billion euros, slightly lower than that of audi ag, but it surpassed competitors such as Ferrari. According to the latest data, Porsche has become the fifth largest car company in the world by market value.

At this point, the world’s three super-running brands, Ferrari and Porsche, have all embarked on the road of capitalization, which has also triggered the imagination of Lotus.

At the beginning of this year, Lotus was also exposed to the listing information by foreign media. The official response said that Lotus Group was evaluating the stock market transactions in new york, London and China, and no relevant information was disclosed since then. Until the successful listing of Porsche, it once again aroused the interest of the outside world.

With the surge of hot money, perhaps Porsche IPO can be regarded as a landmark new node, but another more profound proposition has also been brought to the stage with Lotus’s "backwardness". Should we be in line with "money" or "front" in the new super-running era?

Porsche to the left, Lotus to the right

Judging from the news disclosed by foreign media, Lotus, as one of the three super-running brands in the world, has also moved the mind of IPO. Only in the top-level design at higher latitudes, there is something more important than IPO in the eyes of Lotus-anchoring the electrification transformation and opening a new track for pure electric intelligent super-running.

In fact, the listing of Ferrari and Porsche has provided a lot of funds for the group, and this kind of blood transfusion feedback has also been seen by the outside world.

Ferrari was originally a sub-brand of Fiat Chrysler (FCA). In 2015, Fiat divested Ferrari and obtained huge funds to repay Fiat’s debts. After Ferrari went public, its business developed well, and its share price soared. Now its market value is about $35 billion.

Today, Porsche will copy Ferrari’s path in the past, spin off from Volkswagen Group and go public independently, and even surpass the former in IPO scale and fundraising amount.

It is worth noting that for the Volkswagen Group, through this IPO, the preferred shares and original shares will be sold for 9.4 billion euros and 10.1 billion euros respectively, totaling 19.5 billion euros. 49% of the funds will be returned to shareholders in the form of special dividends, and the remaining nearly 9 billion euros will be used by Volkswagen Group to increase research and development of power batteries and in-vehicle software.

However, from the global securities market including A-shares, the attraction of IPO of automobile enterprises to capital lies not only in the current operating profit and sales volume, but also in the control and transformation of the future development direction with enterprises.

Although Tesla, which mainly focuses on pure electric intelligence, has just approached 1 million vehicles in annual sales, its global market value performance is actually four times that of Toyota, the second place with annual sales exceeding 10 million, and the third place is BYD, which started pure electric transformation as early as a decade ago and has completely stopped selling pure fuel vehicles.

In the domestic market, all auto listed companies related to the concept of new energy have made a lot of money in the securities market. Correspondingly, traditional automobile enterprises are experiencing a dark moment. In the past year, Ferrari’s share price has dropped from the highest $250 to the current $185, and its market value has shrunk by more than 25%.

From this perspective, perhaps the listing of Porsche at this time is not a good time. Although Porsche has already started the road of electric transformation, at present, only Taycan is a pure electric vehicle.

Ferrari only launched a brand-new electrification product strategy in June this year. Next, Ferrari will invest about 4.4 billion euros to develop pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. In 2025, Ferrari’s first pure electric car will come out.

It must be said that in the face of the fierce tide of electrification, although brands such as Ferrari and Porsche are moving closer to new energy sources, the actions of transformation are somewhat conservative. However, Lotus has taken the courage to cross the rubicon. As early as 2019, it unveiled its first pure electric supercar Evija, and in 2021, it solemnly bid farewell to the fuel era with the sports car Emira. Now Lotus’s super-running pure electric SUV——Eletre, which takes the lead in electrification, has arrived as scheduled.

It can be said with certainty that Lotus has a firmer determination and a more thorough strategy on the road of electrification transformation. In Lotus’s view, only subversive self-innovation can rush to run in the new era of super-running. It can be predicted that in the near future, when Lotus truly leads the new super-running era, the IPO at that time will be much more valuable.

Join hands with Geely and deeply embrace the China market.

Inevitably, the electrification transformation often requires huge funds, which is why many new car-making forces have been seeking financing or IPO. For ultra-luxury brands such as Porsche and Ferrari, which are small in size but high in style, the capital investment for transformation is equally expensive.

In front of Lotus, "money" seems to be the most important part on the road of self-innovation and self-breakthrough. In June, 2017, after Geely Holding acquired 51% shares of Lotus from Proton, this English lotus flower began to bloom again in China.

In the second year after being acquired by Geely, Lotus announced that it had turned losses into profits in fiscal year 2016/2017, making the brand profitable for the first time in 40 years.

In October 2018, on the occasion of the brand’s 70th anniversary, Lotus released the "Vision 80" 10-year brand revival plan, and put forward the "Sino-British dual engine" strategy, which is a firm transformation to electrification and intelligence, and this is also an automobile enterprise that proposed formal electrification transformation earlier among traditional automobile brands.

On August 31, 2021, Wuhan Lotus Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. Backed by Geely Group, Lotus’ initial capital plan for entering China was as high as RMB 26.3 billion. Among them, the global headquarters of Lotus Technology has settled in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, and in Shanghai, the Lotus Marketing Headquarters Building has also recently landed.

Prior to this, Lotus Technology announced the product planning for launching three pure electric smart models in the next five years: in 2022, the E-class SUV; codenamed Type132 will be launched; In 2023, the E-class four-door coupe codenamed Type133 was launched; In 2025, the D-class "pure electric intelligent new species" codenamed Type134 was launched. He also said: "With track-level intelligent driving, cutting into the intelligent driving track is the direction that Lotus Technology will set in the next decade, and it is also a completely different technical path from any other brand."

This year, on June 1st, Lotus Eletre ushered in its first show in China, and started booking in Chinese mainland. The first batch of vehicles is expected to be delivered as early as early as 2023. It is worth mentioning that it is not only the first SUV of Lotus, but also the first pure electric five-door production car and the first domestic car of Lotus. It is not uncommon for sports car manufacturers to build SUVs, but Lotus is the first one to build pure electric SUVs.

At present, Lotus Eleetre is a completely new car in China market, and its promotion and store communication should start from 0. However, under the background of Geely Automobile’s strong channel, the development of China market also allows Lotus Eleetre to avoid many detours.

At present, Lotus Eletre plans to open nearly 50 sales and service stores in about 20 cities in China by the end of this year, covering core cities such as Beishangguangshen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu, and radiating the whole country. It will also open two major services: "Smart Home Charging" and "Lotus Flash Charging", and plans to build nearly 200 self-operated high-end flash charging stations in about 20 cities across the country.

As the global headquarters of Lotus ultra-high-end intelligent electric lifestyle models, China bears extraordinary strategic significance. As the largest single market for most automobile brands in the world, it can be said that the China market is the best in the world.

From January to August this year, the domestic production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 3.97 million and 3.86 million respectively, and the market share reached 22.9%, exceeding the original expectation. Compared with other super-running brands, it can be said that Lotus’s electrification innovation based on the China market occupies a favorable time and place.

It is believed that under the new super-running era dominated by electrification and intelligence, the Lotus brand, which is deeply involved in the transformation and innovation of China market, will definitely take the lead in the future market competition.

Xiaomi SU7 insurance price is 360,000 yuan? Official response

On January 30th, some netizens posted that the premium price of the high-end version of SU7, the first model of Xiaomi Automobile, was 361,400 yuan. The new car adopts ternary lithium battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, with a maximum speed of 265 km/h. Market news speculated that the final selling price of Xiaomi automobile may be in the range of 250,000 to 370,000.

In response to the above news, Xiaomi Automobile responded: "Unofficial news is not true." In addition, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, forwarded a message to Weibo, a netizen, and said that in recent days, internal vehicles began to be licensed, which was to test all the processes of running through sales and delivery, and buying insurance was also one of the links. In other words, it has no reference value.

Xiaomi SU7 is the first production car of Xiaomi Automobile, which was released on December 28th, 2023, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Day. On Xiaomi Auto Technology Day, Lei Jun spent about three hours explaining technologies such as large die casting, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit, and the design of Xiaomi’s first production model, but he didn’t talk about the price and kept it highly confidential, which also became the biggest suspense of Xiaomi.

In fact, since the release of Xiaomi Automobile, the price of Xiaomi Automobile has always been the focus of the industry. How much is the pricing for "Xiaomi Auto SU7"? When will it be announced? " Earlier, Xiaomi Auto officially replied, "We really haven’t finalized the price. Mr. Lei, the founder of Xiaomi, also introduced it at the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference. It is indeed a bit expensive, but it will be’ expensive for a reason’. Not 99,000, not 149,000, not 199,000. The final pricing will be announced at the official launch conference of Xiaomi SU7. " Since then, Mr. Lei has also revealed that Xiaomi Su750,000 has no rivals. It is understood that Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a "C-class high-performance eco-technology car", which provides dual-motor version and single-motor version. The single-motor version is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 220 kW; The dual-motor version is equipped with a front and rear dual-motor system, in which the maximum power of the front motor is 220kW and the maximum power of the rear motor is 275kW.

Not long ago, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, also said in an interview with the media that the pricing of Xiaomi’s first model may be a bit expensive, equivalent to the performance of two or three million luxury cars, and reiterated that the pricing of Xiaomi’s first model will not be 99,000 yuan, 149,000 yuan, 199,000 yuan.

Judging from the product configuration announced by Xiaomi Technology Day, the positioning of Xiaomi SU7 is not low, which means that its price cannot be too low. It should be noted that in recent years, the automobile market has undergone earth-shaking changes, especially since 2023, the automobile price war has intensified, and the price has also become a key link in the competition between automobile enterprises.

For Lei Jun, who "staked all his assets and reputation and started his last business in his life", he has high hopes for Xiaomi Automobile. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi automobile has the performance index that is not inferior to Tesla Model S, and the three indexes of 0-100km/h acceleration, 100km/h-0 braking distance and top speed are not backward, and bluntly said that Xiaomi SU7 has no accurate benchmarking vehicle, and it hopes to be comparable to Porsche Taycan Turbo in mechanical quality such as drivability, and to be comparable to Tesla Model S in intelligence.

As for the follow-up goal of Xiaomi Automobile, Lei Jun’s ambition is to become one of the top five automakers in the world. Lei Jun said: "The goal of Xiaomi Automobile is to rival Porsche and Tesla, to build dream cars in the new era of automobile industry, and to make a beautiful, easy-to-drive, comfortable and safe mobile intelligent space." The goal of autonomous driving is to enter the first camp of the industry in 2024. In addition, Lei Jun also stressed that today is 1003 days since Xiaomi announced its entry into the electric vehicle industry. Starting from the underlying core technology, Xiaomi has invested ten times to make a good car, and its long-term goal is to strive to become one of the top five automobile manufacturers in the world in the next 15-20 years. It is worth mentioning that the homogenization of 200,000-300,000 models in today’s auto market is very serious, and the competition is particularly fierce, which also means that Xiaomi Auto will face a lot of pressure after listing.

Lei Jun said in an interview before: "I am particularly worried that everyone will not buy if it doesn’t catch fire. What’s more worrying is that if everyone buys, they will have to wait for a year or two, and they will definitely be scolded." Whether Xiaomi SU7 can be accepted by the market or whether consumers are willing to pay for it is still unknown because the price is to be determined. But from this point of view, the final decision on how Xiaomi SU7 will perform in the auto market may still depend on Lei Jun’s highly confidential price. According to the plan, the final pricing of Xiaomi SU7 will be announced at the official launch conference of the car.

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Shenyang area extremely krypton 001 hot promotion, the latest offer is 269 thousand! Limited time promotion

Motorists in Shenyang, the price is reduced! Now is the perfect time to buy Krypton 001! Car home Shenyang Preferential Promotion Channel brings you the latest preferential information. Extreme Krypton 001 is being promoted in Shenyang, with a maximum discount of 37,000 yuan! The minimum starting price is only 269,000 yuan. If you want to know more about the discount, please click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

Krypton 001 is a futuristic electric vehicle with a unique design. The front part adopts a streamlined design to make the whole vehicle look more dynamic. The air intake grille adopts a closed design, which highlights the identity of the electric vehicle. The overall style is simple and atmospheric, giving people a very high-end feeling. The highly recognizable C-shaped daytime running lights are used in the front of the car, which makes the whole vehicle look more sporty and fashionable with streamlined body lines. In addition, Krypton 001 also adopts a hidden door handle and frameless door design, which further highlights the sense of technology and fashion of the vehicle. In the rear part, the Krypton 001 adopts a penetrating taillight and a two-way exhaust design, which makes the whole rear look more exquisite. On the whole, the design of Krypton 001 is excellent, full of futuristic and technological sense, and it is an electric vehicle that is worth looking forward to.

Extreme Krypton 001 is a larger model, with the length, width and height of 4977*1999*1533 mm, the wheelbase of 3005 mm, the front tread of 1703 mm and the rear tread of 1716 mm respectively. The car side lines of Krypton 001 are smooth, and the whole body presents a sense of movement and strength. The lines are smooth and full of tension. In terms of tires, the former tyre size was 255/55 R19, and the latter tyre size was also 255/55 R19. The rims of this model are fashionable and have a strong sense of design, which adds more sporty atmosphere to the whole car.

The interior design of Krypton 001 is full of modernity and technology, and it is made of luxurious leather, giving people a high-grade feeling. The central control screen has a size of 15.05 inches and supports voice recognition control system, including multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning functions, so that drivers can easily control it. The steering wheel is made of leather, and the position can be adjusted up and down and back and forth electrically, which is very user-friendly. The front row and the back row are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces, which are convenient for passengers to charge, and also support the wireless charging function of mobile phones. The seat is made of leather, and the front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment, leg rest adjustment and lumbar support can be carried out in the main and co-pilot positions to make the ride more comfortable. The front seats are also equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions to provide a better ride experience. The rear seats can be laid down in proportion to increase storage space. In a word, the interior design of Krypton 001 is very humanized, providing a variety of practical functions and comfort.

The maximum power and torque of Krypton 001 engine are 580 kW and 810 N·m respectively. The engine performance of this model is strong, which can provide excellent driving experience for the owner. Its high power and torque output make the vehicle perform well in the process of acceleration and driving, and bring drivers a more flexible and smooth driving experience. At the same time, the high efficiency of this engine also provides strong support for the fuel economy of the vehicle, making it easier for drivers to enjoy driving. In a word, the engine performance of Krypton 001 is excellent and it is a car worth recommending.

In the communication with the owner of car home, we learned that he was full of praise for the appearance of Krypton 001. He said that the design of Krypton 001 is very personal, and the front part reminds him of luxury brands. At the same time, the streamlined body and unique lamp design of Krypton 001 also surprised him. The owner also specifically mentioned the interior design of Krypton 001, praising its simplicity and generosity, which made people feel very comfortable. Generally speaking, the owner of car home @ Yuanqi slowly gave a very high evaluation on the appearance and interior of the Krypton 001, which also made us more confident to recommend this model. If you also have high requirements for design, then Krypton 001 will definitely be your best choice.

At a new high, Volvo Car Greater China sold more than 180,000 vehicles in 2023.

  China Economic Net, January 9 (Reporter Guo Yue) Recently, Volvo Cars released data: In 2023, the global sales volume reached 708,716 vehicles, of which 180,234 vehicles were sold in Greater China, all reaching record highs. The continuous improvement of brand power and the steady advancement of electrification transformation have also become highlights.

  Specifically, as of December, 2023, Volvo Cars has achieved positive growth in global sales for 16 consecutive months, and the sales share of pure electric vehicles has climbed to 16%.

  In the Chinese mainland market, in 2023, Volvo Car’s new energy sector performed particularly well, with sales increasing by 25% year-on-year. At the same time, from January to November, 2023, the market share of Volvo Cars in the luxury fuel car market in Chinese mainland reached 6.3%. Focusing on the performance of specific models, in 2023, Volvo S90 sold a total of 40,379 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 22%; Volvo XC90 sold a total of 19,615 vehicles, an increase of 11% year-on-year; Volvo XC60 sold a total of 70,811 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 10%.

  In terms of new product promotion, Volvo Cars has ushered in new progress in a number of pure electric vehicles. In 2023, the pure electric luxury MPV-Volvo EM90 was launched in the world and opened the reservation in Chinese mainland. In 2024, the brand-new all-electric flagship SUV-Volvo EX90 and the brand-new all-electric luxury SUV-Volvo EX30 will be listed in Chinese mainland one after another. Three all-electric vehicles for different market segments will help Volvo Cars fully launch its new energy market in 2024.

  At the same time, Volvo Cars is also actively building a new business model for pure electric vehicles and adapting its layout. At present, in addition to nearly 300 dealer operation outlets, Volvo Cars has 46 city center stores and brand experience stores, and the "direct sales+dealers" model has begun to take shape.

  In addition, Volvo Cars has also established a perfect energy-replenishing system covering all scenarios of users’ travel, covering four scenarios: home charging, public charging, dealer charging and emergency charging. Up to now, Volvo Cars has joined hands with third-party partners to access more than 600,000 charging resources, covering 330+ cities.

  More than that, in addition to new products and new business models, in 2023, Volvo Cars also established a stable and far-reaching electrification transformation system by continuously promoting localized innovation and carbon neutrality in the whole value chain. In China, Volvo Cars has continuously increased its investment. In 2023, the brand-new Shanghai Design Center and the Asia-Pacific Software Integration Center were put into use one after another, and they worked closely with the brand-new software testing center in Gothenburg, Sweden, to continuously evolve and iterate the safety, software and hardware strength of Volvo Cars.

  Focusing on the goal of "becoming a climate zero-load benchmark enterprise in 2040", Volvo Cars also actively promotes the low-carbon transformation of the supply chain, including not only the production and manufacturing ends, but also the procurement and logistics chain. On the basis of the previously announced goal of reducing bicycle carbon emissions by 40% from 2018 to 2025, Volvo Cars further accelerated its actions, including announcing at the first chain Expo in 2023 that it would promote the "Hundred Green Electricity" project of the first-tier supplier in China in 2024, and announcing plans to reduce bicycle carbon emissions by 75% compared with the 2018 benchmark in the subsequent COP28 period.

  In 2023, Volvo Cars continued to sharpen its brand image. While promoting product innovation, we will adhere to the brand concept of safety, sustainability and personalization, and lay the foundation for market performance in 2024. Specifically, in 2023, Volvo Cars released the "World Tree Intelligent Safety System", which further expanded the safety of traffic travel from the traditional active and passive safety to four different safety spaces: inside, outside, body and people, and constituted a more comprehensive safety system.